Top 12 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Follow!

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Nausheen Shaikh

Do you want  to lose weight but no time to go to gym ?? most of the people today are having sedentary jobs and hectic schedule whereas loosing weight requires time commitment and management which becomes difficult at times. In this sedentary pattern & lifestyle people tend to gain weight easily.

Top 12 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Follow!

Use these simple weight loss tricks which will help you to loose your weight fast…

1. Drink plenty of water:

Water is a super nutrient. Drinking water before meals may reduce appetite and makes you feel full which can decrease calorie intake, leading to weight loss. You should drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water each day.

2. Don’t skip breakfast:

Skipping breakfast causes you to become very hungry so that you overeat later in the day. So make sure to kick start your day with  healthy breakfast. Your breakfast should be rich in proteins & carbohydrates to keep you strong & full of energy whole day.

3.Stay active as possible :

Go for a walk in your lunch break at work place. Walk up and down the stairs in your building a few times. Do yoga & exercise daily. The more you are active the more you are healthy  !!

4. Mindful Eating :

Mindful Eating is eating with attention and right intention. It is eating with the intention to care for yourself. Take smaller plate so that portion is controlled. Chew your food properly relishing every bite.

5. Breath deeply:

More you breathe more calmer you become by calming your mind and balancing your body. A balanced body has a good metabolism, it aids in digestion, which can help you lose weight.

6. Avoid unhealthy snacks like sodas/junk :

Toss out the junk food and go for fruits/nuts as they are full of nutrients and great source of energy. Prefer having lemon juice, coconut water , lassi  & smoothies to make you hydrated.

7. Make your meals colorful :

Include different types of veggies with your meals. Especially make your dinner light and fiber rich. Fibre rich foods helps to prevent constipation.

8. Lastly ..Believe in yourself:

Have faith that you already have an ideal weight. Have faith in your ability to receive your desire. Be grateful for having lost the weight. Be grateful for having your ideal body. Do all of these things from the point of view that you have already lost weight. That is the secret to using the Law of Attraction for weight loss success.

9. Eat vegetables with every meal –

Vegetables contain various essential nutrients like fibre, vitamins, Minerals etc. Make sure you include green veggies like spinach, broccoli, methi , etc. Including vegetables in daily meals makes a balanced diet.

10. Prefer fruits –

Instead of craving for oily French fries, pakodas try to eat seasonal fruits like Apples, mango, banana or you can make juice out of fresh fruits. Fruits are packed  with essential nutrients & loaded with antioxidants which helps to prevent diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc.

11. Eat protein rich diet

Proteins are very important to maintain healthy growth & muscles.  They are building blocks for maintaining organs in good condition. Try eating proteins with high biological values like eggs, chicken , lean meat. For Vegetarian people you can substitute it with soya chunks, nuggets, soymilk contains good amounts of proteins .

12. Measure yourself regularly

It’s a great advice that you should weigh yourself  regularly so that you are seriously conscious about yourself  & don’t endup consuming those extra harmful calories !!

So let’s make it happen !!

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