How to follow Detox day

One of the hardest things about detox or cleansing is really knowing what to do and what not to do.

One can undergo a Detox day or ten-day detox.

The duration and severity of symptoms depend on your lifestyle before making a change and how quickly you make it.

Here are few do’s and don’ts to go on a ‘Detox Diet Day’.

The basic key is to think and feel positive and treat yourself with some foods every 2 hours. You would definitely feel lighter the next day.

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More specifically: You can go for a ‘detox day’ once in a week or once in a fortnight. Either way, you want to be sure you don’t go longer than 2 consecutive days.

When you engage in a detox plan, you are limited to fruits, or homemade fruit/vegetable juices. You can have Sautéed/stir fried vegetables or green leafy vegetables in cooked form.

You can have boiled vegetables as well. Minimize your cereals intake.

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If you want to have you can have one serving of fibrous cereals like broken wheat (Daliya in Hindi) or one millet flat bread (chapatti) in a day. No coffee. No caffeinated tea.

You can have green tea if you wish, along with some herbal teas..

No processed food, No sugar. You can have jaggery in small quantities Your meals should be vegetarian.

You can make soup out of your favorite vegetables and season it with Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil.

Better to use this oil in all your preparations like salads/soups/stir-frying You can have sprouts to feel full No milk allowed on a detox day Make sure that before you go on a detox day, you check with you coach, nutritionist or a doctor about doing it.

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Once you get the go- ahead, then you can begin. Once you are successful in following all instructions and doing the right things, you will probably also notice that each time you do an effective detoxification, the next time is even easier as you have fewer toxins to process.

And if you’re feeling overwhelmed…take heart. As a health coach, I am personally here to, personally help you get the best results from this valuable health tool.

Nausheen Shaikh