12 Health Tips for Working Women

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12 Health Tips for working women

Women have achieved a lot when it comes to career & social standing. They have come a long
way in making a mark in society while playing the multiple roles in life. However most of them forget to
care about their personal health & well being. Most of them face lifestyle related problems which can
be prevented or reversed by early interventions.

Some common mistakes that working women do:
1. Skipping breakfast
2. Eating after long intervals
3. Over eating
4. Lack of a balanced diet
5. Very little or no exercise
6. Poor sleep habits
7. Dinners are like feasts
8. Protein deficient meals
9. Ignorance to own nutritional needs
10 Keeping own health last on priority.
11. Eating leftover food to avoid wastage
12. Lethargy towards cooking leading to eating out more often.

All the above habits lead to micronutrient deficiencies & chronic health problems such as diabetes,
hypertension, obesity, cardio vascular problems, bone disorders, etc which in turn affect their
professional & personal growth. It’s time for women to start looking after their own health without any
guilt so that they shoulder their multiple tasks without any hindrances.

Tip 1: Don’t skip breakfast-

Breakfast being most important meal of the day is also most ignored
amongst woman. No matter how busy you are always have 15 minutes reserved for the breakfast.

Tip 2: Carry homemade food-

It’s best to carry homemade food instead of heading to office cafeteria
for your meals.

Tip 3: Establish simple routine-

Lifestyle modification does not happen in a day. Start with establishing
simple routine like eating 1 fruit every day, having milk & milk products daily, cooking meals using
foods from different food groups etc.

Tip 4: Eat a balanced diet-

Make sure your lunch box contains of at least one leafy vegetable daily, one
portion of fresh raw salad and one portion of protein. Most common mistakes that working woman do
is having dinners like a feast. Avoid fried & calorie dense foods for dinner. Always include foods from
minimum 3 food groups in each meal.

Tip 5: Have fixed meal timings-

Once a woman enters dual life of career & family, they start ignoring
their hunger pangs. Most of them first focus on finishing their work before taking out time for their
meals which leads to long meal gaps & overeating. Always have scheduled meal timings.

Tip 6: Avoid eating junk food at work:

Carry handy snacks to work which you can have in between
meals such as chikki, protein bars, dry fruits, etc. This will prevent you from snacking on unhealthy
foods such as Pizza, Burgers, samosa, vada pav, etc.

Tip 7: Have enough water-

Always carry your water bottle to work so that u can stay hydrated.
Dehydration can make you lethargic & tired. A well hydrated body also helps to boost immunity & helps in weightloss.

Tip 8: Exercise daily-

An hour of exercise can go a long way in maintaining good health in the long run.
Exercise should always be on top your everyday “to-do-list”. Even in office try to be physically active.
Use stairs instead of lift, avoid sitting in one place for long time.

Tip 9: Cut down on caffeine-

Too much caffeine can not only leave you dehydrated, but strain out
precious calcium from the body leading to early onset of osteoporosis.

Tip 10 Have nutrition on mind-

While grocery shopping or travelling for work or dining out always have
nutrition on your mind.Always choose nutrient dense foods while shopping , read nutrition labels on food packets.

Tip 11: Take interest in cooking-

Taking interest in cooking will lead to including foods from different
food groups into daily meals. Some pre preparation and weekly menu planning will decrease total
cooking time & prevent frequency of ordering from hotels.

Tip 12: Routine heath checkup-

Routine health checkups will help identify potential health issues
before they become a problem.
Healthy lifestyle is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others, be a carrier !!

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